President & Co-Owner

Major: Business and Nonprofit Management

Fun Fact: loves pizza and having a good time

Hobbies: politics, spending time with friends and family

Favorite Flavor: THIS $&@! JUST GOT SERIOUS


Vice President & Co-Owner

Major: Business Advertising, Communications, Public Relations

Fun Fact: once had a viral tweet

Hobbies: real estate, traveling, boating, singing

Favorite Flavor: Blue Moon


Craves have plagued campuses for a long while, but our quest to satisfy them has only just started.

The Campus Crave journey began just over a year and a half ago. A friend contacted another friend about a possible scratch to their entrepreneurial itch which would satisfy their ever-longing enterprising spirits, all before they even graduated high school. Both coming from families with long ties to entrepreneurial endeavors in a multitude of industries, the friend was intrigued by the idea and a chance to live out his dreams of becoming a young business owner. After an initial meeting, the idea became a feverish quest for research to perfect the vision: Campus Craves.

Simply put, Campus Craves is a fast-casual dining experience, like no other specializing in custom-creation trendy desserts and sandwiches. The main component of our business is our super premium ice cream, followed by edible cookie dough, gourmet sandwiches, air-fried offerings, and lastly classic beverages. We claim to be a fast-casual dining experience due to the layout and organization of our potential stores: Customers order their custom creations and select from our available options as they move through our ordering line.

Co-founders Brayden Sammons and Hunter Haines invite potential customers from all walks of life, to come and satisfy their crave in our fun, college-esque, and one-of-a-kind store where you can $ave Dat Money.

Fulfill any desires with tasty treats from Campus Craves, located in Bloomington, IN.

Ready to Satisfy Some Craves?

Do you feel those tastebuds crying out to you yet? That's temptation. Give in to it: Start looking at what we have to offer!